Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To Ward or not To Ward!



Thank you Anon 3:40 for your thoughtful comment and reply at 11:42 PM.  Here's my reasoning and its based in part on my present observation of the last quarter century.... I may be wrong in my assessment .... but I doubt it.... (;-)

A quick review of our present array of Councillors and Mayor and where they live will show that the majority .... are concentrated in one-third of the geographic area covered by the town.  None live in the less affluent areas of our community. In fact, that is a pattern of political representation that has dominated local politics for more than a quarter of a century in our community.

A ward system would force a change in this pattern and would provide an opportunity for folks from all geographic areas of Shelburne to elect representatives to sit at the Council table and represent their priorities and needs. When was the last time someone from the south end of Shelburne got elected? And, if an issue had a deleterious impact on a less affluent section of our community, who could be counted on today to make the case to representatives from other parts of town?

We presently have six councillors and I would propose six districts or wards for our community - one for the south-east side of King Street, one for the north-east side of King Street, two for the centre of town, one for the north and north-west end of town and one for the historic district and proximate areas.

As for running for Mayor, I believe there are many young, capable and intelligent folks in our community who would be much better suited to fill that post than me. Actually, I would like to see a better age distribution in council with more twenty, thirty and forty year-olds and I would like to see more debate during elections about priorities in each of the districts I've already mentioned. I am happy to help and be an active citizen as I think we should all do and make my political contribution by voting for the best candidates that are presented.

Thank you Anon 3:42 .... I think this is an important issue and understand your concerns in this matter....as I hope you understand my views on the issue..... even if you don't agree... (;-)


Anonymous said...

Actually there was a councilor from the south end of town several years ago.I am not sure why you singled out the south end. Although there may not be as much influence in the south end they could teach us all volumes about real community.
Accountability will only come when we demand it.
Yes,the council needs younger people. Presently it is made up of puppetts,wannabees and hasbeens!I am uncertain of your definition of affluent.The town at large is not affluent!
Anon: 3:42

Anonymous said...

Somehow the Ward System does not seem to be the answer here. I do agree to the points that this sysytem has merit.Every once in awile someone uses the word apathy.Is that the root to our political woes.Ed, you hit the nail of tapping into the younger age groups. Presently I think some people use Council as a supplement to their pensions!Younger people should not be shy to offer.So they will make mistakes but at lest perhaps they will make then attempting to do something.How do we get the younger people interested......


Anonymous said...

We need intelligent, honest,hard working councillors and a mayor who is looking for helpful ideas from other communities.
If they put themselves in elected positions and keep in touch with reality outcomes would be much better !It should not matter what part of town they reside !!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

School curriculum needs to be improved to prepare students for the real world.

Some courses are outdated !

Principal M.Manning is doing great projects with the students in a positive manner.She encourages good thinking AND IS THERE FOR THE CHILDREN !
Thanks Mary !

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow the town should be a bustling place with cruise ship activities !!!!

Don't let the weather dampen your spirits !

At least it will add excitement to the area!
Enjoy !

Anonymous said...

Great to see Tim back with update of interesting information being shared !
Keep up this good way to let area folks know the facts !

Hope Mr. Cayer is ready to add his update to blogs. We miss your in depth reporting, also !

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ed's reasoning on a Ward System of representation - I'd feel more comfortable discussing issues with a councillor from my ward rather than a councillor from a different area of the town... Birds of a feather flock together - maybe we'd get more public input on contentious issues with the ward system.
Now I'll go off topic - will someone explain to the taxpayers what is going on with the Town of Shelburne not releasing the latest minutes of council mtgs. and committee of the whole mtgs. Crikey, Barrington and the MofS are up-to-date - what's wrong with Shelburne?