Sunday, October 4, 2009




Since its construction, the little church built on the waterfront for the Moby Dick movie appears to have caught the public fancy with many expressing the view that it would be nice to leave it exactly where it is after the movie.  Some have suggested that the Town should not be in such an all-fired hurry to impose the wishes of a few council members on the population at large without first consulting extensively with taxpayers.

Unfortunately, the die appears to have been cast at last week's Council meeting and if the present decision of Council is left to stand, the little church will soon be gone.


1. Do you think Council should consult with the public and re-consider their decision?

2. Is this one of those occassions when the public should be invited to vote on the issue?

3. How would the public be consulted if one wanted to?

4. Would a public referendum work to provide guidance to elected officials?

5. Would the movie company be prepared to delay removal of the little church until the public has been consulted?

6. Do you think Council should consider a motion to discuss delaying the removal of the little church with the movie producers until the town has had a chance to consult with voters?

If you think they should, call the Town Office (875-2991  or fax at 875-3932 on Monday and leave a message asking Council to consult with the public before proceeding with the removal of the little church. Alternatively, call Councillors and the Mayor or send an email  to

Timing is critical so do it now and write or call friends to have them contribute their two cents!


Anonymous said...

I would like to see the church stay as long as there is not too much expense to the town. Maybe there will be more options. It could be used for weddings, services, etc..
I don't agree with the agreement between the Town and Historical Society that it blocks the way of the harbour because in my personal opinion I'd rather see the church than the water as my basement gets lots of it when it rains for days. DON'T WANT TO SEE WATER.
There are other buildings that block the veiw of the water too. Anyway that's just my opinion and you can post it on your blog. Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Plans to move church to another site is better; as our harbour has beauty ! These structures block view and ruins what most of us appreciate as we make our strolls ! (Do not make citizens responsible for bills that will accumulate for care of piece of another movie set. )
We have enough churches in need of attendance !

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think one more time, the Town of Shelburne is jumping the gun with its decision to remove the church from Dock St.
Keeping it may or may not be the right decision but I think more discussion should have taken place around the pros and cons. At very least, I would have liked to see the Town have delayed the decision to remove the building until all options were explored i.e potential to generate revenue, purchase by someone, transfer to another location, willingness of the community to help support the maintenance etc.
As the previous poster states I also do not wish to have my taxes raised to support this project but this is our Town and I agree with the idea of Council seeking input from the residents to help ensure that the best decision was made.
As far as the view of the harbour, I cannot imagine how that church will impede the view of the harbour in any significant way versus the possible potential benefit of keeping it.
If, in this town we do not soon start to think about expanded employment opportunities for the people living here, the view of the harbour will very shortly be the least of our worries

Anonymous said...

Get rid of it.It will be a liability!

Anonymous said...

Not sure where one would add input, but,
What exactly are we going to do with a church on the waterfront and who exactly is going to take care of it. As an Historical Society executive member after The Scarlet Letter, I am opposed to keeping any more set construction on Dock Street. How soon we forget.
Maybe someone wants to take on moving it to a sight of their preference and preferably there responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Great idea ......with private ownership by local citizen to move church to his/her property.

That would make an interesting home for the right
person.Investment could be worth the work needed to get the building out of that narrow area.(numbered pieces perhaps ????)Give time for ideas and offers whoever is in control.GOOD LUCK !

Anonymous said...

Was this structure built to satisfy the building code under the watchful eye of the building inspector? If not watch out for the first big blow on a storm's high tide. Liability insurance doesn't come cheaply.

Anonymous said...

Inspectors should never have been allowed under government guidelines.....That is just another way to squelch more building. Our well qualified carpenters should be free to work on their own.

Years ago building inspectors were unheard of and all went smoothly and time was not wasted waiting for this glorified person's arrival to give his input for various stages of construction. grrrrrr....

Anonymous said...

Inspectors check for those who cannot.Tradesmen do rip people off.Wake up..............

Anonymous said...

Yes, those hired by government rip people off even more with all the unnecessary red tape !

We are seeing and hearing more and more of the corruption by those we should trust !

Majority of trades people do an honest job or are never hired again. (even let go mid job)

Anonymous said...

We are awake to all the dishonest actions still in the works by the people who talk great things and do nothing.

Listen to the news to hear more wheeling and dealing to fill the greedy,sneaky cheaters' pockets. POLITICS DOES NOT IMPROVE !

Give me the majority honest trades people any day! They can stretch our dollar while gov. shrinks it ! Wide awake and honest in touch with reality !

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed hearing viewpoints about the little church on Dock St. by council members and Councillor Rhuland I agree with your facts about keeping space available for future films.
We do have a great place with space for what many want to use for various activities !
Guild Hall needs the interested groups who use it to raise money to fix the roof etc.
Those who want it preserved need to get busy.

Anonymous said...

Removing the church was good.Ruining the lumber was bad planning to say the least.Where was the town council when this took place?Wasted wood fiber! Shame on the Mayor and his cronies.
My God is there any way to blame this on Franky....................................
When is the next election.The construction company could have refused to do this act of environmental waste.Scotty beam me up!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heck, that could have been Shelburne's contribution to the GW religion! We'd have had them coming from all parts of the world.