Monday, October 12, 2009

Question For Anonymous 3:40 PM Today


Dear Anonymous 3:40 PM:

Interesting comments. Am puzzled by your rejection of wards to elect councillors. That is because I think electing councillors to represent a specific constituency would make them more accountable to their electors. I'd be interested in your reasons for rejecting election by wards or districts and any ideas you might have to make elected municipal politicians more accountable to the electors.

I'd also welcome any suggestions or comments from others on this question.


Anonymous said...

Wards will not make unaccountable councillors accountable.It can and has in some instances created unfair spheres of influence.The first question would be (in Shelburnes case) how many and were are the boundardies.One could imagine the poorer sections of town being isolated from any real benefits.We have been a total failure attracting new productive blood.We need people to settle here for twelve months of the year and provide employment.This is not happening and I see a ward system only adding to the difficulty.
A ward system would only invigorate the old die hards to press on with oppression attempting to return to grand daddy's day.More public interest is required in the present political system.Next.
Anon 3:40
PS Want to make a for Mayor next term.You are intelligent. Presently there is a dearth of intelligence within council.

Anonymous said...

Maybe wards is the way to go! Our present system surely does not attract what we need.