Monday, August 24, 2009


Dear Reader,

It appears I have made a mistake and my mother used to say if you do..... the best thing is to apologize quickly.

I made a mistake and want to apologize to Sterling Belliveau and Percy Paris for any inconvenience caused by my premature announcement of a public meeting with the Minister this coming Friday. This confusion is my fault and I am sorry.

Unfortunately, I was in error announcing a public meeting at this time....for that, I also want to apologize to my readers.


Ed Cayer


Anonymous said...

Kudos to all those who are responsible for setting up a time and place for the first meeting of the Concerned Citizens of Shelburne County with the Minister of ERD and our MLA.
BTW, will SWSDA have a representative attending? Regards, Shirley Fry

Anonymous said...

Okay Sterling, don your MLA cap and brief Minister Paris on everything that has transpired over Frank's reign - the good(?), the bad and the ugly. We're relying on your team to correct years of oversight in regards to this teflon clad CEO and BoD.

Anonymous said...

Apology accepted Ed - to err is human, but we know more went on behind the scenes than you're telling us - ah, the scenarios we've come up with - LOL!
Surely Mr. Paris will see fit to pay us a visit in the not too distant future. If not, Sterling and our councils certainly owe us the courtesy of a public forum to discuss our involvement with this Society. Crikey, they aren't entitled to RDA funding - what is it now - l4 yrs? We've got lots of rotten apples in the barrel these days, and they have to be culled before they ruin the whole county.

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that even there will be giches..Franks taking the fall! No sweat Ed.

Anonymous said...

This latest land scam with MOB and SWSDA brings up other issues on land holdings by SWSDA - what happened within MOB when Frank offered to take the Station Road land from them years ago - believe there were environmental issues on that. Does anyone have a list of lands currently held by SWSDA?